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This page shows some of the models that I have made over the years.   I had been using Lightwave to create and render since 2002, but after  looking over the changes in the industry I moved over to Maya and 3D Studio Max. Most are thumbnail images, so just click to enlarge.


A short fantasy mini-novel.

The Depths of Kaoltarin


Some images for sale

Billy Bullhorn
Knight and Bishop



Sword and Shield




A quick sword and shield set made in Maya for the Daz Skeleton.

A warhammer for a barbarian character
Website Interface Buttons  
A partial collection of website elements.  

DB70 Build DB70   Spread CheckLeg Check 3 Leg Check 2Leg Check 1  
This is DB70.
This image shows a design stage in the Maya interface, showing the bones and flexors I put in. 
In early 2009 I modeled and rigged him for a dance animation that is taking quite a while with just me animating, and without using motion capture.    Testing the joints At that time, they were more like rubber.  

DB70 Version 2 thumb DB70 Ver 2 3q thumb
I updated the design in 2010. I made it so that the body parts are fully interchangeable. It is all hard body now except for the neck and feet, which are bound to the skeleton.

Billy Bullhorn
Billy Bullhorn.  A quick character made for the owner of a local gallery here in Mesa, AZ.

Klautak Armor Front Klautak Armor Right Klautak Armor Back

This is the Klautak Armor set that was originally made in Lightwave around 2003, although I will use it in Maya after some import work. It was made to fit on the Michael 2 model from Daz.These renders were done in Poser 4.

Ninja To Set Naginata and Pike Set Battle Axe Set Tardos Broadsword Tardos Shield

These are some of the various weapons that I had made over the years while learning to model and texture with Lightwave 7.5.

I had actually started modeling the axe, and thought I would go ahead and make armor to go with it. That turned into the Klautak Armor set above.

  The first sword and shield I ever attempted in 3DS Max.

Murder On the Mountain Phantasy Photos


A book illustration from 2004, rendered it in Lightwave.

A little idea for photos.
Orc Watch Renewed Priorities
Renders in Lightwave with armor that I had created. I also created the terrain and textures. I created the orc armor, and the sword for the warrior on the right.

Simple Skyscraper

A simple building created and rendered in Lightwave.


House Interior

Recreated house interior based on a family member's hallway. Created in Maya


2010 bedroom project - The bed, night stands and curtains with their textures came from Daz3D. The area rug texture was from an online texture source. I created everything else from scratch in Maya.