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Technical Gizmos: I use a wide variety of hardware and software, depending on the project.

Animation, Art, and Audio Software:   Maya Unlimited 7.0, Maya 2008 and 2009, 3D Studio Max 9, Lightwave 7.5, Sasquatch hair and fur plug-in, Trees and Leaves Designer Plug-in, Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, ProTools 7, Adobe CS2, Sony Vegas Movie Studio, and Corel Photopaint 9.


Main Rig:

Dell XPS 630i

Windows XP Professional
Intel Core  Duo 3.00 GhZ
300 GB HD



Dell XPS 400 system

Windows XP Professional

The portable

Alienware M7700

Windows XP Professional
80 GB HD


Fourth computer, now for occasional sound mixing and 3D rendering

Dell Dimension E521
80 GB HD


Other gear:

3D Connexion SpacePilot 3D controller for use with Maya and 3DS Max.  (I have 4 to sell.)

3D Connexion SpacePilot


Digital Camera: Kodak EasyShare P880
i-Rocks external Hard Drive enclosure with 80 Gig Western Digital Drive #1
i-Rocks external Hard Drive enclosure with 250 Gig Western Digital Drive #2
Vantec external USB 500 GB HD enclosure
Sound Blaster Live Card
Wacom Intuos  6" x 8 " graphics tablet
Musical toys and things:

Art V3 Tube Mic  Preamp
Cakewalk ProAudio 9

Hofner 24 fret small body electric
PC10 Prime Dual Chorus Pedal
Boss Dr. Rhythm 660 Rythm machine
Digitech GNX 2 Guitar effects processor


The newest member of the arsenal is the Korg X50. It really has some beautiful sounds.


Korg X50
Ibanez RGT42DX Ibanez RG3EX1 Ibanez UV777BK Gibson Epiphone Bass
Ibanez RGT42DX Ibanez RG3EX1 Ibanez UV777BK Gibson Epiphone Bass


Other Gear:

Ibanez RG series 7-string 24-fret electric (not shown)
Ibanez S series 6-string electric (not shown)
Fender Super Bullets strings
Marshall MXL 990 Condenser Mic
Palatino Violin 
Pyro 1394 Standard Firewire Card
At one time I used a Roland XP-10 Keyboard, but it needed some repairs.  That's one reason I switched to this:

Roland GR20 Synthesizer

Roland GR-20 Guitar Synth, that I mounted on the Ibanez RG3EX1.

Sony Surround Sound Home Theater System (for monitoring and playback)
Samson Mixpad 12 Super-Compact 12-channel mixer
Sony TRV-320 Digital video camera
Yamaha P500S Dual Channel Power Amp
Yamaha S115IV Club Series Speakers

Music and sound effects: Many styles from throughout the world might be used and blended to create soundscapes that are unique, yet somehow familiar.   You may hear bits of classical, rock, jazz, blues, strains of Celtic, the Orient and Middle East with many instances of more than one occurring together in the same work.  Mostly I'm leaning more toward music that complements the animation/video projects that I am working on.  At the moment there are no samples here other than the track on my demo reel.  I've been busy working on my Bachelor's Degree since 2005.  When I put other animations up, they will have my composed music in them.

I have also learned some Foley techniques over the years, and will have some of those here as well.

Martial Arts:
Preferred styles of practice include, but are not limited to Ninjutsu, Jeet Kune Do, and aspects of Gung-fu are used for artistic expression.  (Mostly still or action shots, or short video clips.)  Preferred weapons: Kitana, Chinese Broadswords, Ninja-to, Bo staff, Nunchaku, Blowgun, Shuriken, Sai, Naginata, 3 section staff, and a Scottish-type claymore.  I also have a broadsword that is kind of a Middle Eastern type style to it.  Mostly, the styles are based on movies and video games for use in video, animation and games, to keep in shape, and most of all, to have fun.