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This section contains animation and audio samples I've worked on in various projects. Some may be works in progress and may change from time to time. There are also samples on my Youtube Channel.

            Published Music and locations

Galactic Gus on Amazon
I created the audio and assisted with gamplay elements while with Politically Incorrect Games, LLC.

BG_Theme_01 Background Theme
Space_BG_Theme_01 Space Background Theme
BP_Theme_01 Background Theme
FD_Theme_01 Background Theme
Standoff Chase Music
Tik_01 Background Theme for iPhone Game
Musical_Interlude_01 Short cutscene
Lounge_Music_01 Lounge Area of Space-Themed game


Here is a combination of music, cutscenes and some gameplay footage from the Rocket Solvers educational game project I worked on in 2010-2012. I created the sound effects and music. Several local actors provide the dialogue, most of which was recorded in my home studio. At the time of the April build, it was animation by Geoff Munn and Programming by Jonathan Harbour, Various changes were made to the team over time.

Some music samples from the Rocket Solvers Game




Fusebox (Chase scene example)




Gameplay Trailer


Here are two audio samples from XNA projects with Rare 2 Find.
One game called Mutant Flies was pending release until production was put on hold.
I created ground textures (one shown here,) rebuilt part of the mechanical "digger" unit from a previous design and animated it, (in an updated build)
and provided all music and sound effects.

Intro Screen

Flowing Fly Scramble



 A short Logo Drop using DB70


I worked with an independent game development group in the early part of 2009, and this was the first game trailer.

Mostly what I did in the video was the the beginning camera movements, except it was originally was smoother, and the snaps to the various angles were done in post production by someone else.  I did a lot of the big guy (Wrath) busting through the door and knocking over chairs, although someone else made one door fly off the hinge.  I had the wallcrawler knock the chair under the table, (although at one point I had wanted one of her hooks to catch on the chair)  I had done the stomp part, with someone else changing the angle a bit.  I had spent quite a bit of time getting the chair throw to be dramatic, but it ended up being nearly cut out completely.  There were some other parts of the action that were not polished or were cut at editing time, and this is what was left. After all that, the group disbanded. Who knows if the game will ever come to light, but it was a fun experience.