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Michael D Smith Résumé



Born 6/4/1970 in Mobile, Alabama.  In 1973 moved to Lineville, Alabama where I spent the majority of my life.

Took art lessons for about a year from age 9.  Worked a bit with pencils and oils, getting up to still life and landscapes.

Started taking piano lessons at age 10.  Now I prefer synthesizers because of the wide range of voices, and the fact that they can also mimic many types of pianos.   Best of all, they don't need to be tuned.

Began playing around with computers at about age 12, learning some basic commands.

Joined the marching band at age 14, beginning as a drummer.  After some years of practice, I can be considered a percussionist.  There is a quite a difference between the two.

At age 16, began teaching myself to play guitar, electric first, then later acoustic and bass.  I've never taken formal lessons.

At age 17, I was taught many different percussion instruments by an instructor from Jacksonville State University.

Began "playing" with computer-generated art at age 17 on an Amiga computer using the built-in paint program.

Graduated from Lineville High School in 1988.

Learned to play a standard drum set in late 1988 to be the drummer in the jazz band at Southern Union State Junior College (The name has been changed to Southern Union State Community College.)  I was also in drama and the show choir.

Graduated from Southern Union in 1990.

Attended Jacksonville State University until 1991, majoring in Computer Science.  I soon realized that was not the correct path to take, as I am more visually oriented as opposed to writing code.

Began using Corel Draw in 1996, but the main focus was using the bundled Photo Paint application.

Starting getting involved with 3D applications; mostly Poser, and Bryce in 1999.  

Began using Cakewalk Pro Audio 8 also in 1999 to be able to create musical and sound effects compositions. 

Began using another nice 3D modeling and animation package Carrara Studio in 2001, but it gave way to Lightwave later.

Began using Adobe Photoshop5 in 2001.  I alternate between it and Corel Photopaint, depending on the type of project that I'm involved in.

Began using Vegas Video in 2001, to be able to produce professional quality video.

Began using Lightwave 7.5 in the spring of 2002.

Began learning to play the violin (or fiddle, depending on the style,) in the late summer of 2002.

Began using the Sasquatch plug-in for Lightwave 7.5 in January 2003 for adding fur and hair to characters.

Began using Maya 7 Unlimited in July 2006.

Began using 3D Studio Max 9 in November 2006.

Began using Pro Tools in September of 2009.

Graduated from the University of Advancing Technology in March of 2010.

Acting experience (theatre):

1988-1990 at the Southern Union State Junior College Auditorium in Wadley Alabama

Lés Miserables  
Ark of Safety

Bye Bye, Birdie: 1993 Panama City Theatre
Covering Dish:  2004 Ashland High School  (I also created the sound effects and musical interludes)

Work Experience:

Various jobs ranging from working in a grocery store for a couple of years, as a motel groundskeeper, and a ride operator at an arcade/amusement park. I have been a cashier, Customer Service Manager, Stocker, and Electronics Sales Associate at Wal-Mart for three years, and tech support for an ISP/Computer Store called Ashland Computer Systems, then later for a company called Etelecare for two years doing phone tech support. 

After graduating from the University of Advancing Technology, I had the opportunity to do some game design, mostly creating sound effects and composing original music. As a project wound down I ended up back in the call center arena.  

Other items of note:

I currently hold a patent for a Virtual Reality Game and will look into funding/licensing arrangements in the future .  Other inventions are in the works, (mostly in my head,) but will have to wait a bit while I pursue my Game Art and Animation goals. 


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